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This is where I will build up my list of custom forms to gather information that will be applied to your website, emails, facebook, landing pages.... whatever the case may be.

Information is required to create content


About You

Fitting the puzzle pieces together

One of the most viewed pages on any website is the 'ABOUT' page, so the more optimised it can be the better. It can be full of your keywords and keyword phrases, covering all that your website is about, products and or services you offer, it is written in what I call 'people speak' so that the reader can clearly understand your message and what it is you are offering them, what BENEFIT you have for them.

This page may be about you, however it is actually provided to be about them....

Here people will figure out if they like you, can they trust you, do you have anything important and relevant to them. Is your message clear here as this will subconsciously speak to the User/Client and start to build a relationship with them. 

This page will tell your page viewer if you are good fit for them, therefore completing their puzzle and making their life easier.

Start by answer the questions below, there is no right or wrong, just start writing, it does not have to be perfect, just write as if you are telling me over a cup of coffee. This is all about you and how you can be of service to your ideal client. 

So go ahead... tell me WHY I should listen to you?


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Clear your schedule for the next 30-45 mins + get writingyes. You can come back as many times as needed and provide me with more information or an update. By using this form it is saved and a copy sent to you and to me for our records.



Tell me what you and your site can do for the UserThe User is the person visiting your page, who you hope will become your client, the person who will be working with you if they like and trust you.
Explain to me what problems you solve for your ClientCan be done in bullet point or however you are able to best answer this
Introduce Yourself to me, describe you, your interests, your education, your experiences good and bad as these are how you got to where you are nowThis will go with your image so your client can connect to you as a person
Provide me with evidence that you can do what you say with at least 3 Testimonials from previous clientsThe purpose of a testimonial is to give credibility to what you do, it builds trust and confidence.
Tell me what Benefits do you have for your client, list them out or write as if telling me over a cuppaA User wants to know what you can do for them, it is all about them so tell them as an individual what you will offer them.
Tell me your story, what is your WHY for doing this, tell me straight from your heartPeople will connect with you when they know a bit about you, they need to know that you are a 'normal person' just like them, that you have experienced what they have, that you know how they feel. Write from your heart.
Tell me what products do you offer, have, want to have, if you had them all, what would they be.Describe your perfect end product or service, this is your end goal that you will achieve.


Sales Letter Blue Print Application

As I am a Google Aps for Business User, I take advantage of the great tools available, the following form is created using Google Drive and is available across my smart phone, tablet, laptop & desktop. The information is entered once and sync'd across them all. Technology used to assist in the ease of running your business on the go.



Information here is used to generate Sales copy and a custom BLUEPRINT is created to help 'sell' your service. Written using a tool from my 'toolkit' created by one of Australia's Top Copywriters Bret Thompson. Valued easily over $1497 this sales copy blueprint is yours to pull apart and use in all your documents online/offline for marketing and promoting your service. You own it all and can tweak the different words that would cost you over 20 Thousand would you have the budget to take on a personal copywriter... this will give you the next best thing, along with the skills I have to compile what I know about you into the copy and we present it on your Facebook or Website Landing Pages with a call to action suited to the product or service offered.
DIRECT RESPONSE means staying focused on 'one product' on 'one page' with a clear DIRECTION of what you want the visitor to do. Ultimately it is to capture their details in your system so that they will either get your free 'amazing offer', CD, Report, Digital Book, Webinar, Seminar or perhaps even purchase product. Either way you want them to take action right there on the page and that is what this form information is about.
When completing the details below, have in mind 'ONE' product/service.... that is what THIS copy is about, if you try and mix in more it becomes confusing and your message is blurred. Then it is not DIRECT RESPONSE.
Complete the required fields below and the information will be stored in a spreadsheet securely on Google Drive. This information is private for my reference only, however it is always awesome if someone else would like to promote you and your 'stuff'.
People can get very 'funny' over information, however rest assured that without the full recipe of what you have to offer they can pick and choose from what they can 'see'. Part of my special source is in the back-end processes that creates the solid foundations for your business. There is lots that is hidden from the public eye that goes on to create the rock solid systems that I have developed over the years from personal experience and the experience of the top Guru's around.
So... get going with your DIRECT RESPONSE, call to action Sales Copy today....
Take Action and change what you are doing to create your desired outcome. If your product is desired, targeted correctly it will sell itself as people are already wanting what you have to offer, it just needs to be put before them and made available in a presentable way so that they are drooling at your offer and services. 
Getting good top end copywriters to help you create the sales copy for your page is a good start towards marketing your 'thing' so that others will want your 'THING'.
SO.... TELL ME ABOUT YOUR 'THING' just one... for now. You can move onto the others after you have featured your best first. ALWAYS give your best stuff up front.....let yourself shine.