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Why use CSS in your website

Let the CSS keep your website tidy

When you are working on your website, it is tempting to adjust font sizes, colours etc... think about this.

You have your website and as you went you played on each page and adjusted the settings, it got messy overtime

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Imagine This

if... in 20 minutes you can have some of your questions answered, no right or wrong answers ... only what is true for you! You are given the direction and understanding of your FLOW.

let me tell you a 'story'

Back in 2011 I was in what I would call an 'inner circle' of astute Property Investors, Educators, Mentors. - I did not know it at the time, the impact that those lessons learned would have on my life and I was not ready then either to believe in myself and follow my true path. I had some mess to clean up first.

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Content Creation Organisation Tool

Organise your Thoughts 'FREE'

So your head is filled with words - then this is a tool that will help you make some sense out of them and get the flow happening. This is something that was introduced to me early 2013 and I have been using it more and more frequently. I thought it would be a useful tool for more to know about. It is a free Open Source download that is quick and simple to use on your pc.

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Create Compelling Content

Creating Compelling Google friendly content

that works well on the web and is Optimised

There is a few topics in the heading alone...

  • Creating Compelling Content - how

  • Content that Works - what does this mean

  • Content that is Optimised. - SEO friendly

Compelling Content - if you have what they want, if you explain it clearly, they will want it. Does it meet their needs, wants, desires. Does it solve their problem, most importantly HAVE YOU TOLD THEM!

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