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Why use CSS in your website

Let the CSS keep your website tidy

When you are working on your website, it is tempting to adjust font sizes, colours etc... think about this.

You have your website and as you went you played on each page and adjusted the settings, it got messy overtime

 and you decided to get a new template installed for a fresh look. And when it was done, things looked even messier, fonts had different colours, sizes and it just looked messy.

By using the Styles and CSS to style your website articles, means when you change to a whole new look that it will update all the pages and everything will have a consistent look. If you edit each page, then that overrides the CSS, and it leads to more cleanup later. We want to reduce the 'clean up mess' stuff. We want the goal of keeping out code clean and tidy as that helps with the robots to a small degree, and you want to be search engine friendly and mobile optimised always in all that you do. 

So a reminder - never paste directly from a word doc into a webpage as you will get a lot of messy HTML code that will change the styles and messup your code/page look.

I always recommend that you copy the text and paste into a text doc, then recopy and paste into  the web article you are creating. I always also paste as plain text (which is an option using Google Chrome).

Stay mobile friendly and optimised all the way...


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