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About Lyndi


Web Development System that Nurtures you and your clients

Lyndi's Passion is getting Web Solutions put in place that fill the gaps that are 'nearly ALWAYS' present in the Online WWW

Complete website solutions built on solid foundations with a system that works. 
  • Websites built using Joomla
  • Lead Generation via opt in sequential autoresponder email campaigns
  • Facebook Page, YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter Branding Setup/Optimisation
  • Business strategies developed to best suit your goal for business. 
FREE STRATEGY CALL to assess what is in place and suggest/implement new improved methods. Find the product with in you and aide in the development and marketing of this. Online Marketing focus using methods suited to your needs flows when the foundations are set right. 
Entrepreneur since Primary School, developing skills in working with people, finding their needs and addressing the problems to uncover the solution. Intuitive skills, Empathetic in nature with Truth, Honesty and Integrity. 
Lyndi is Passionate about websites that work. Leading to the development of systems that are easily implemented to create a solid foundation for your Online Business. To make it simple for you to manage is key and is supported with On Demand Training Video's.
Recognition that each individual has the complete answers within and that through communication these answers come forth with Divine Guidance. This is presented in a way that brings you the clients you need.
Always a helper Lyndi studied nursing in 1991 at university which opened the doors into helping people and systems. Taking time out to nurture family & children opened many opportunities of learning and education that has formed some of Lyndi's knowledge bank and 'tool kit' that assists Lyndi to help you today. 

Solid Foundations are the Key to Success

Lyndi can be found at as she is aware that alone you can achieve, however with a team you will be fast tracked to achieve your dreams. Have a chat and be open to the possibility of the magic that will flow. Opportunity exists.
I dare you.....
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