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Free Online Photo Editor

I have had many clients ask me how they can edit a photo to add to their facebook or website, I use Adobe Photoshop and you can download a free demo, however there is a learning curve to use this professional program. So below is a link to a free service that you can 

upload your image to, - first ensure you have no copyright protection on it and you are allowed to use the image - you can then add some text and some special effects and then save again to your harddrive to then use as you wish.

Pic Monkey Collage Image by Lyndi MacRae

PicMonkey: The Free Online Photo Editor

PicMonkey is a free online photo editor. Photo editing made easy for people who are creative yet lack time for learning software. Whether you want to touch up a profile pic, try a new effect, or use the collage maker (as demo'd to the right), picmonkey is a quick online tool you can use. Quick simple effects can be added to your pictures.

A second TOOL that is really handy

It is free and used online, on the fly.... similar layout to Photoshop, there are multiple tutorials and how to's on YouTube as well. just enter in the search 'how to use pixlr' and then you will have many tutorials to select from.

Here is a link to one that is a Tutorial and Training on the basic uses of the tools within the program (It is done Dec 2012) so you may need to search for current date tutorials.

This is a great tool for creating images for your blog posts, facebook etc....of course sometimes we want a 'This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.' and I can help you with that too. We can get sidetracked and spend hours creating when really it is a 15 minute job (depending on your image required)


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