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 OpportunityThat Brings You Clients to connect with In Less Than 7 Days - with my 'DONE FOR YOU IN A DAY'  Facebook Business Page

Take Advantage Of Opportunities

  • full page setup or existing page overhaul
  • custom header image linked to your website or opt in form.
  • 3 Infographics on your selected product
  • Keyword fine tuning
  • About your business setup

You are on facebook and you are seeing all these business pages, hobby pages, community pages and it gets you thinking.... I could have one of those for my ____________.

Ok.. so now what?

First Step is to have a plan. You need to compile your basic information that you wish to share on your page, both text and images. Ensure the images you are using have no copyright protection on them.

Keywords are very important when building your page as Google does crawl your facebook page. So there are a few tricks to add extra boosts within your page.

Setup a page - you can read up on how to do it yourself here on Facebook, they provide you will helpful information that gives you the basic settings required to get going.




Facebook Marketing Master Class with Mari Smith