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Content Creation Organisation Tool

Organise your Thoughts 'FREE'

So your head is filled with words - then this is a tool that will help you make some sense out of them and get the flow happening. This is something that was introduced to me early 2013 and I have been using it more and more frequently. I thought it would be a useful tool for more to know about. It is a free Open Source download that is quick and simple to use on your pc.

Free your mind to flow with your Content Creation

You sit and look at your screen, your head races with different thoughts that it needs, a bit of this, that, oh that over there... this would be good, and I need to add in this, this. This and then this... so how do you get all that down so the brain can get a quick snapshot and make sense of it.

The Brain is an amazing tool and works creatively when allowed. So do yourself a favour and get this tool today and have a go.

Organise all those little notes and pieces of paper that you have stuck about your computer, bring them all together in one or multiple maps. You can then see all these thoughts and make sense of them. There are people who teach this as their profession, so here is a quick way for you to get mind mapping free using an Open Source tool called FREEMIND Read more on it here  (download it here) - if this link breaks google FreeMind and there are multiple sources available.

To Download, follow the link and you scroll down the page to choose your Operating system (OS) ie Windows or Mac etc it will then open up and download, be mindful that there is advertising links for other products, Do not just click, read first as you may not want those 'other' things. Feel free to email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you need help and I will jump on Skype to talk you throught it.

Here is an example I did up to go with this blog post, there is lots more examples on the read more link above... however I understand people are always short on time and can get off track, hence me creating my posts of Quality Relevant content that is useful for you, that will help you stay focused, stay in the flow to get your message across to your people.

comment below if you have used the tool as your experience will help others, share what you know.

Happy Mapping

~ Lyndi

Mind Maps help clear your thoughts




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