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Confidence and Positive Empowerment

While I don't believe it's about applying a label to a person

It's nice to know there's a cluster of people who are just like you out there...

Hi, thanks for stopping by today, in this post I wanted to share some support references assisting me on my journey (and my family) and it may assist you on yours or your child, friend, family... who knows...maybe it's just to assist me process out loud like I do.
So I went to post on Facebook and it grew and grew in what I had to share, so I decided to jump into my website and write a post here where it could be a bit more substantial.
What I wanted to say is...

Before you JUDGE another if they say "I have blah" 


...acknowledge them and show understanding, if you must perhaps see if they will allow you to assist them to see it as "They call it blah" as that's not owning the label, it's stating a fact there's more than just me like this and I'm not making this shit up! It's real, very frikin real!!!
It hurts to be judged too BTW, we're told it's not personal - however if you understood our perception – isn't necessarily the reality - however for me/us it is
another good read on more on understanding this can be found here on the website

During one of my client training sessions.
I'm told - wow Lyndi, you're so organised (in my online working processes I am, I work in systems that automate - they happen in an order, they need certain assets to happen and you gotta have it all in order). 

Yet I feel so unorganised (highly self critical) and onlookers will see my environment as unorganised (again self judgement)
- Yet I can look at it and see organised piles of stuff I need to function...I'm very VISUAL in how I work, if I don't see it, it doesn't exist almost... it's not on my radar. I externalise all my stuff to process it - not 'normal' by most people's standards and can be irritating to some also (is their issue not yours really!).


  • I have a calendar
    • online digital one and
    • physical hand written one
  • Alarms
  • Post it notes
  • Automated reminders...
    (yes I use the system I sell, it's the only way I can feel confident running my business, knowing I set up a task and I will be reminded when it is due and clients get same reminders also assisting me to keep them on track for our project - so I'm then perceived as ORGANISED! whoop whoop music to my ears really - Thanks Chim - small words can mean a great deal to another)
Okay, so if you're still with me, if you know me you may be aware of how I work and see me as happy, successful, confident, organised etc etc... so I've been told when I revealed a history of chronic depression and anxiety for over 15 years. However, I'm one of those people who is highly proficient and efficient in a very disorganised way to an onlooker...I never start at 1, go to 2, then 3, and 4...
I jump in at the end... back to middle, then the start and all about in between filling the gaps to get to the same result you would if you followed 1, 2, 3,'s defined as 'problem' with ordination and a learned skill I missed at some point growing up, no fault of my own - however I'm now aware of it and can learn a more orderly way which will increase my efficiency even more (I'm all for self improvement 100%) - I put a system in place to manage my deficit.
Why do I jump all over the place (insert tigger bouncing here is what I see), good question BTW :-)
I had the same thought...
For me I have observed it's because I get BORED of that one thing... so I move to another one thing, then another one thing...and I complete the whole thing.
Those like me keep up and follow along and love it as they see what I'm doing, however if you think orderly! my way will drive you to distraction...(which by the way is what is constantly going on inside my head - see I did it just there haha)
So, learning about me is my mission and I listen to those who study and specialise. (My Uni nursing days taught me how to research and eliminate the misinformation from quality)
Here is a webinar and some more info on professionals who are working towards improving life for many...and pharma is not always the answer or only answer. DIET DOES MATTER! Diet does affect us, if it excites our body systems it scatters us more... don't give me coffeeeeeee bounce bounce.. bounce... haha🤣
If you have a young person -
check this place out...

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