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It's been a while

Where did 2017 go?

A lesson: Finding Balance

It's been a while for me to find my groove.

As we draw near to the end of 2017,

I honestly do not recall much of the year,

Outside of the project I worked on...

I remember being out of my home

I remember being away from my children and not there for them when they needed me!

I remember the late nights or nights with 40 mins or no sleep at all.

I was called a machine - and that's what I'd become.

I was proud of it too

BALANCE? I think not, in heinsight!

My skill to hyperfocus while highly productive, is not something I should do.

When I hyperfocus, I run until the tank is beyond empty.

I lose the ability to 'balance' myself out as I sink deeper and deeper into task completion and 'people pleasing'

Thinking I'm doing great, life is wonderful...

Then - thump.

It ends and you lift up your head and here you are, wondering where the year went.

Perplexing...Was it a good year?

"hmmm yes, however it was not what I had planned, it was not my vision"

I was so focussed on others success,

It was all that mattered.


It only mattered that much to ME

So, when your exhausted, drained, totally flat and just want to throw it all in.

Creativity time is required to refuel the tank

It may be sleep, quiet time, or a favourite hobby...

As long as it's creative and allowing you to connect into you again.

Pause the thinking mind and BE IN THE MOMENT

As each moment will soon pass to become unchangable 'past life memories'

My Year of 2017 - It was been such a whirlwind.

Much greatness created, yet... I don't want to do it again.

No thanks, not to such extent anyways.

I was head down and bum up and didn't see the year pass by.

I gave up the home office, midday swims, dropping the kids to school and picking them up again.

Being available to go pick them up when they were home sick and care for them...

I LOST THIS TIME and I can never get it back!

I joined peak hour traffic for more weeks than I would choose to do again. fuel for entrepreneurship and success as a work from home Mumma was bubbling away, growing in inpatience...

It's my turn, why are you doing it for them! Why won't you do it for you?

Good questions right!

So, now in reflection - I look back over the years experiences and seek out the lessons,

  • what was good
  • what would I do different

What is exciting is, I have the ability and freedom to create my life as I choose.

Because of the past choices I have made.

So, it's time to reinvent how I deliver 'My One Thing' service for 2018.

I love the freedom to recreate to be a better version each year.

To suddenly see the creation needed, then it is time to implement.

This is where most get stuck, this is where I come alive.

I live in the space most don't like to be.

It can creep some right out and the face frowns as the understanding of 'the details' are so uninteresting...

I love the freedom and peace of mind I have knowing the technology, the systems, the automation of 'what you do everyday', to make your everyday a little bit easier.

Takes care of it all, I have put in the time and set it up, now push play and let it roll...

Tweak and repeat!

Thats peace of mind for me.

To know I have a robust system supporting my business needs.

To have the right connections who deliver quality over quantity.

Ultimately it's about HAVING WHAT YOU WANT NOW.

So what is stopping you?


2018 is all about mobiles and marketing automation


Are you ready?


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