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A story and analogy

Do you make lots of noise when shit is going down?

I used to be guilty of this until I listened to a mentor who taught me to not react and share on social media when things were down and out.

At first I felt shut down and alone. Then I flipped my thinking and now am very grateful I took on board the lesson.

You see, what they said was

"When you overcome adversity and live to tell the tale, that is when others want to hear about it on social media, then it's 'good'. Keep your personal shit to yourself and your close inner circle of friends mate" ~ Pete Godfrey (recommend you join his free online group here for some seriously good marketing lessons)

and he was 100% right.

We often react out of emotion and an emotional response is most often a high emotion, low inteligence reaction. You're in pain of some sort and want to lash out or get attention on the problem. What you're better off doing is :

  1. Acknowledge there is a problem (brings self awareness)
  2. Accept the problem is here for you in this moment
  3. Turn your focus to what you want (the solution)

You see, you cannot focus on the problem and see the solution at the same time.

Here is a little analogy by a spiritual leader Sadhguru shared by a fellow Infusionsoft collaegue on Facebook and a guy with a pretty slick LinkedIn training course - Matt

I liked it so much I had to add it to this page.

(embed a fb video into your own website is not that hard when you know how)

Stay Healthy and Happy



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