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Good or Bad decision

Good or bad decisions for your database?
Managing your list
I would like to know your answer. 
In my opinion this message sent to a mailing list was a 'bad' decision!

 I received an email to my inbox that caught my eye. It arrived on April 1st, so perhaps it was a clever marketing ploy? Or was it.

What did I do? I will tell you.

here is the message I replied to them...

Delete me now!
You should have an unsubscribe link in your email.
Not force me to login, manage my account. 
Did you know that 3 years on a list a person may take action.if you deliver something of interest to them. 
Worst decision ever. Force me to login to your website.
Bye Bye


so, was I harsh in replying this message? I will add any reply I get to this post, however I know for a fact that you may have subscribers or members to your lists/website that hang around for years.  Does this mean delete them? He'll NO!  Value them. 

The idea is to connect with them by sharing valuable information and offering them your product or service. One day what you offer will be right for them as they joined your list for a reason in the first place. 

It might not be in 90 days... It could be 3 years. This does not mean what you have, do, are, sucks (well it might- tho they would opt out sooner if that were the case). What it means is that they choose to stay with you. They choose to get your updates. They are interested in what you have to offer, just not maybe right at that moment. 

So, anyway... As I said in my reply to this particular list. Great! Delete me now. I had been wanting to opt out. However to do so meant I needed to login to their website and manage my account. And even that was not easy to action either. 

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